Dear Heloise:

I want to thank your reader who told us that the Lions Club collects old eyeglasses. The glasses do not have to be intact; they take lenses, too. As you suggested, your readers should contact their local Lions Club.

The Lions also take hearing aids. When my mother died, I took several pairs of eyeglasses to my local Lions collection box. Thinking her hearing aids were of no use, I threw them in the trash. I said to a Lion I know, "Too bad you don't use hearing aids." "We do!" he replied, so I did a dumpster-dive (clean trash was still in the house). Later I found two dozen pairs of glasses in my father's workbench. I was happy to make these donations in my parents' memory.

Carolyn Makovi, via e-mail

Carolyn, thanks for the reminder, and a big thank you to the Lions Clubs for collecting eyeglasses and hearing aids, then passing them on to people who need them. Readers, go through your house to see how many spare pairs you have.

Dear Heloise:

Since I find it difficult and time-consuming to search for the various makeup compacts I use each morning, I put a small dot of colored nail polish on the ones I use frequently.

Carol Chernish

Falls Church

Dear Heloise:

To keep raisins suspended in cake or bread batter, coat with flour before adding. This really works, especially with seeded raisins.

Delia Sadler, Paris, Ky.

Dear Heloise:

Many shoes, boots and even tennis shoes come with "braided" laces. Should the plastic-tube ending be broken or slip off, the lace begins to fray and is soon useless -- and it's a real hassle to determine the right length and find the right color for replacement.

There is a product in the electrical/electronics industry, described as a heat-shrink tubing, that you can place over the end, and when heated with a match or soldering iron, it will shrink on the end and save the lace. Most electronics stores stock this product, and it is of low cost.

Bruce, via e-mail

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