Mummy, May I?

By Marietta Greene-Hambrick, costume shop manager and resident designer for Imagination Stage in Bethesda. Created costumes for "Bunnicula" and "Miss Nelson Has a Field Day."


White twin flat sheet

Standard-size white pillowcase

Iron-on fusing tape, such as Stitch Witchery by Dritz

Sweat shirt and sweat pants (new or used)

Sheet of old cardboard, roughly 12 by 18 inches

Black spray paint

Rip the sheet into strips 2 to 3 inches wide. (Your child can help with this.) Place sweat shirt on ironing board. Take a long piece of the iron-on tape and cover it with one of the sheet strips. Position the sheet strip, with tape underneath, at the bottom hem of the sweat shirt. Iron until secure, following tape instructions. Continue to the back of the shirt and follow, in a circular fashion, until the shirt is covered with sheet strips. Do the same with the sleeves and the pants. Let some sheet strips hang loose for a tattered effect.

For the hat, cut the pillow case (see diagram). For the black shading, you'll need two people. While one person holds the costume piece, the other holds the cardboard against the costume and lightly sprays black paint under the bottom edge of the cardboard, gradually going over the entire costume, including the hat, to create subtle stripes. Use extra, short strips to tie around arms and legs. Tie a longer, twisted strip around the top of the head, to make a bandage effect. Adjust the hat to fit, and either tie strips at the back of the head or knot loosely at the chin.