What do you need to spell Halloween?

Horror, cAndy and Lots and LOts of Wicked, EErie Noises.

Today is Halloween. Yeah, like you didn't already know that. But KidsPost is going to tell you some things about Halloween that maybe you don't know.

* Candy corn has been around for more than 100 years. It was first made by the company now called Jelly Belly Candy.

* The most popular kids' Halloween costumes this year:

1. Princess -- 3.8 million costumes

2. Witch -- 1.7 million

3. Spider-Man -- 1.4 million

4. Monster -- 1.3 million

5. Darth Vader -- 1.2 million

* Seventy percent of parents admit sneaking snack-size chocolate bars from their kids' trick-or-treat bags. (We think the other 30 percent are fibbing!)

* About 45 percent of kids say they get more than 100 pieces of candy.

* About 20 percent of kids say they eat all their candy in less than a week.

* Almost 50 percent say they need at least two weeks to finish it off.

* The five states that produce the most pumpkins are Illinois, California, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

SOURCES: KidsHealth, National Confectioners Association, National Retail Federation, U.S. Census Bureau

There are jacks-o'-plenty this Halloween season: 1. Ten-year-old Chris Romero carries a whopper in Clovis, New Mexico. 2. A 7-year-old dressed as a witch poses with a 900-pound pumpkin in southern Germany. 3. A kitten uses a jack-o'-lantern as a nap spot in Sidney, Ohio. 4. A skeleton gets its hands on a giant pumpkin in southern Germany. 5. My-thai the elephant has a smashing good time at the zoo in Cincinnati, Ohio. 6. Otis the bulldog runs through a pumpkin patch in San Gregorio, California. 7. People in Boston, Massachusetts, try to establish a lighted- pumpkin record. (The world record: 28,952 by Keene, New Hampshire.)