"You underestimate my power!" . . .

* The two-disc DVD release of "Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith" includes lots of extras, including an Xbox game demo. It's PG-13, young Skywalker, so watch with your father.

* Also on DVD: The weird and wonderful "Millions"; the high-energy "P3k: Pinocchio 3000"; a new title for the always-fun VeggieTales, "Lord of the Beans"; and the four-disc "Looney Tunes -- Golden Collection, Volume Three," with 60 classic toons and some cool bonus material.

* Speaking of classic toons . . . Wait, let's try again: Speaking of DVD releases . . . No, that's getting ahead of ourselves. . . . Anyway, Disney's computer-animated "Chicken Little," which opens in theaters Friday, is cute. It's entertaining in parts. And it has some funny lines. But it's no classic. It should sell well on DVD next summer, though. And some theaters are playing a 3-D version that might be worth a look now.

* The new-look Washington Wizards hope to still be playing next summer. They tip off their NBA season at Toronto on Wednesday at 7 p.m. on Comcast SportsNet.

* New games: Looney Tunes Double Pack for GBA includes Acme Antics and Dizzy Driving.

-- Scott Moore

Jedi Master Yoda: Tuesday on DVD, the latest "Star Wars" comes out. "Chicken Little" could

use a bit more pop.