A Nov. 1 KidsPost article gave an incorrect population for Arusha, Tanzania. According to a 2002 Census, the city has about 270,000 people, not 140,000. (Published 11/4/2005)

Where He's From: Arusha is located at the base of Mount Meru, an inactive volcano known as the "little sister" of Africa's tallest and most famous peak, Mount Kilimanjaro. About 140,000 people live in Arusha. Many, like Daudi's father, work in the tourism industry. Tourists go to Arusha to join trips into unsettled areas (often called "the bush") to see hippos, leopards and giraffes.

Daudi's family lives on a small farm that has many fruit trees, three cows and lots of chickens.

How He Has Fun: Daudi's favorite sport is soccer. At home he plays pickup games with friends. This year he is on Burgundy Farm's varsity team. He also likes video games. His favorite is PlayStation's Need for Speed.

Daudi is a fan of movies on TV, especially "Spider-Man" and the Harry Potter series.

Daudi is making new friends. He has been to one classmate's bat mitzvah (a Jewish ceremony that welcomes a girl into adulthood) and another's dance party. He also likes riding his bike with classmates. At home his family shares one bicycle.

What His School Is Like: In Arusha, Daudi walks 45 minutes each way to a school that has few rooms, few books and no computers. He was amazed that Burgundy Farm has a pool, playing fields, a gym, library and several classroom buildings.

While most kids go to primary school in Tanzania, few go on to what we call middle and high school. Daudi would like to work for the United Nations someday. His favorite subjects are math and science.

Daudi plays volleyball with, from left, Aubrey Kuester, Devon Youngblood and Tori Stringfellow.