Did you know that chocolate (in small doses) is actually good for you? Or that a tomato is a fruit, not a vegetable? Or that eating some fish bones (only certain little ones that are safe) can make your bones stronger?

It's almost impossible for adults and children to keep up with all there is to know about good nutrition. Aviva Goldfarb presents a fun way to test your knowledge and maybe learn a few new tidbits about healthy eating.

1. You probably know that calcium helps make your growing bones strong. Most kids need to have about three servings of calcium each day. What are five good sources of calcium?

a. Milk

b. Marshmallows

c. Cheese

d. Yogurt

e. Canned salmon

f. Broccoli

g. Salami

h. Shark's teeth

2. Whole grains such as brown rice are even better for you than refined grains such as white rice. Which of these is not a whole grain?

a. Barley

b. Popcorn

c. Cheese crackers

3. Kids and adults should strive to eat four to five ounces of fruits and vegetables each day. Which fruit is eaten the most in the United States?

a. Apple

b. Banana

c. Strawberry

d. Orange

4. Use your noodle! Which of these is not a kind of pasta?

a. Angel hair

b. Spettucini

c. Bowties

d. Tortellini

e. Ravioli

5. Scramble Scrabble

Unscramble these healthy snacks:

a. owemetnarl (Hint: It's a big summer fruit.)

b. erlace (Hint: It's healthy for breakfast.)

c. urtfi omosihet (Hint: A sweet snack or dessert that you make in a blender.)

d. usnt (Hint: They grow on trees and are a great source of protein.)

6. True or False?

a. Vegetables are better for you than fruit.

b. Only one in seven kids eats enough fruits and vegetables each day.

c. The moon is made of high- calcium green cheese.

d. Potatoes are the most popular vegetable eaten in the United States.

e. Peanut butter is a healthy snack.


1. a, c, d, e, f.

2. c. Cheese crackers usually are made of refined grains.

3. b.

4. b.

5. a. watermelon; b. cereal; c. fruit smoothie; d. nuts.

6. a. False: Both fruits and vegetables are important for kids and adults.

b. True.

c. False. The moon's cheese is not very high in calcium! (Just kidding -- the moon is made of rock.)

d. True. On average, Americans eat 140 pounds of potatoes per year. They are a good source of vitamin C.

e. True. Peanut butter is a good source of protein and other nutrients.