Other notable DVDs available now include:

* Aliens of the Deep (G, Buena Vista) Originally shown in a 3-D Imax format, this light-on-science, high-in-oohs-and-aahs documentary about life at the bottom of the ocean (offered in both the original 47-minute theatrical length and a 99-minute version, but alas, without the 3-D) features co-director James Cameron and others marveling -- repeatedly -- about how "awesome," "amazing" and "phenomenal" the critters they find are. And they're right.

* Bill Maher: I'm Swiss (Unrated, Image) Filmed in Portland, Ore., before a congregation of the liberal faithful, this entertaining (and, despite the host's disclaimer, highly partisan) concert documentary features the comedian/talk-show host alternating between wisecracks and extended rants about the last presidential election, healthy eating and his embarrassment at some of his fellow Americans. Sample joke: [voice of the whiny, indecisive voter] " 'I don't know if John Kerry's a man of the people.' Good! I can't think of a higher qualification than not being a man of the people."


DVDs available Tuesday include:

* Ugetsu (Unrated, Criterion)

* Live 8 (Unrated, EMI)

* Beavis and Butt-head: The Mike Judge Collection -- Vol. 1 (Unrated, Paramount)

* Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

(PG, Warner)