The Game Escapes the Rap I'm rap's MVP. Don't make me remind y'all what happened in D.C. So The Game rapped this year on a remix of "Hate It or Love It," his hit duet with 50 Cent. Yet it now appears the multiplatinum- selling recording artist may himself have the luxury of forgetting what happened in D.C. - or rather, uh, Lanham. Prince George's County State's Attorney Glenn F. Ivey has decided not to prosecute the West Coast rapper (real name: Jayceon Taylor), who had been charged in connection with the beating of a DJ at the WKYS studios in January. "We didn't have enough evidence," Ivey said. But Ivey's office will pursue second-degree assault charges against The Game's manager, James "Jimmy Henchman" Rosemond, who this week won a second trial delay. His day in court is now scheduled for Jan. 26. Rosemond allegedly punched Richard "DJ Zxulu" Dunkerson shortly after the DJ wrapped an on-air interview with The Game noting the release days earlier of his debut CD, "The Documentary." According to charging documents, it all went down when Dunkerson implied that Rosemond's cell phone earpiece made him look like a "Star Trek" character. (Lt. Cmdr. Geordi LaForge? Oh, snap!) Dunkerson was briefly hospitalized and soon thereafter left his job at the station. Ivey said The Game could be called to testify but pledged that despite the nicknames, posses and egos, "this will be a regular trial." Rosemond's attorney, Clarke Ahlers, called the matter "in Shakespearean terms, much ado about nothing." Going to the Polls in Prime Time One day we'll look back at 2005 as the Golden Age of Bureaucrats. Never before has government been staffed by so many super-savvy, super-sexy civil servants - the White House's C.J. Cregg, CIA agent Sydney Bristow, Jack Bauer at the Pentagon, FBI psychiatrist George Huang ..... Is it any wonder kids these days say, "When I grow up, I'm gonna be a GS-13!" Now, the Council for Excellence in Government wants you to "Vote for Your Favorite TV Fed" at its Web site, The electronic poll lets you pick your fave fictional lanyard-wearer from the casts of "Alias," "24," "NCIS" and other wonk-dramas. You're also asked to pick a president (the glut of "West Wing" noms could split the vote in favor of Geena Davis) and favorite sitcom postal carrier. Results to be announced here Tuesday - Election Day in many communities, which the council swears is the reason for this little civics exercise, not just some November sweeps stunt. Vote for gossip! And send us some at Oscar, Who Made Jenna's Dress? Oscar de la Renta couldn't say enough kind things yesterday about his table-mate at the White House dinner for Charles and Camilla. "I was sitting next to Jenna, who I really love," he told our colleague Robin Givhan. Her boyfriend Henry Hager was "charming," he said. "They've been seeing each other a whole year." And who was she wearing? The legendary designer was suddenly mortified: "She told me the name, and I forgot it." "She looked great - the dress [black bodice, multicolored skirt] was very pretty," de la Renta quickly added. But then it came to him: "Oh, that's right - Lela Rose." Whew! A fashion faux pas averted. Written in Blue and Red Ed Gillespie and Terry McAuliffe went head to head many times as chairs of the Republican and Democratic National Committees; now the two will compete for book sales. We told you about McAuliffe's book two weeks ago; now we'll give equal time to Gillespie's upcoming tome, tentatively titled "How Conservatives Win and Why It Matters." Gillespie wouldn't comment on his deal with Simon & Schuster, which runs a reported six figures, except that the book will be about winning campaigns and not getting indicted. Haha, not really, just kidding! It's about winning campaigns and, uh, why that matters. The veteran campaign strategist is keeping busy these days as a sherpa for Sam Alito's Supreme Court confirmation. His book will come out in the fall of next year, just before McAuliffe's. So, say the two get a bet going ..... what would Gillespie demand from McAuliffe if his book sells more copies? "A moment of silence," he said. - - - "Not a lot of people in New York know one end of a cow from another. I'm sort of her token redneck." - Bill Clinton to Time Managing Editor Jim Kelly at the magazine's Global Health Summit Wednesday, explaining why the junior senator from New York brings him to the state fair every year.