Tall, grande, venti. What happened to small, medium, large? Of course I know grande means large, but at Starbucks, there is a larger large: venti. And in the United States, tall is considered, well, larger than small. Until recently you wouldn't have seen me at Starbucks (didn't have the confidence to order). But shy no more, I've learned to throw down orders with the best of them. Now the words come sans fear -- Alla Salute!

Consuelo Hubbuch


Last August: My little hatchback loaded with pottery clay strains up the grade to the rural elementary school where I am the art teacher. I downshift to round a curve and there is the third-grade teacher wading in the ditch by the side of the road. Is she okay? I pull over just as she pops up on the berm, long denim jumper billowing in the breeze. She's laughing and waving a large bunch of milkweed. It's destined to feed the butterfly larvae in her classroom habitat. We teachers know; you have to nurture metamorphosis.

Mary Conlon


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