Report on Youth Sports:

Not All About Winning

* Here's a report card that gives parents the bad grades!

The first youth sports report card was issued yesterday, and sports programs got bad grades for focusing too much on winning and for parents behaving badly.

The report card was issued by the Citizenship Through Sports Alliance. The group gave parents a "D" for their behavior and involvement. Kids sports should focus more on having fun, playing as a team and learning basic skills, the report said. Those are the reasons kids say they like to play sports.

Another problem is that some kids focus on one sport when they're too young, which can lead to them burning out and quitting sports altogether.

But If You Keep Score,

It's Always Good to Win

* Not all the news about youth sports is bad.

The Marshall Heights Bison, based in Southeast Washington, had four teams win city championships in Pop Warner football. The junior peewee, peewee, junior midget and midget teams (which have 130 players, ages 8 to 14) will play Saturday at Anacostia High School for a chance to reach the regional championships.

This is the first time one program has won the city title in four divisions.

Kids' sports should focus on fun, skills and teamwork, a report says.