Matt Bittner's 23 sixth-graders at Lakelands Park Middle School in Gaithersburg are this week's Class of KidsPost. Here's some of what they're talking about.

Favorite author: Jerry Spinelli got seven votes, while Lemony Snicket and J.K. Rowling each got three.

Favorite thing to collect: Music downloads won with seven votes.

Favorite game system: GameCube trounced the competition, getting 10 votes.

Favorite thing to do with your family: Play got five votes. (We like that!) Family movie nights, with four votes, also are popular. (Pass the popcorn!)

How do you listen to music? All those music downloads they collect go straight to their iPods, which got 10 votes.

What subject do you wish was taught in school? Lots of interesting ideas here, including cooking (two votes), dancing, skateboarding, animation and video-game making (one vote each).

What's the best kind of birthday party? Sleepovers got five votes. Pool, laser tag and bowling parties are popular, too.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Three kids said doctor. Other interesting career choices include archaeologist, spy, marine biologist and chef.

What's the biggest problem in the world today? Hurricanes got eight votes, war got three, high gas prices got two.

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