Arnold Schwarzenegger may be toast after Tuesday's election, but the Terminator will, as promised, be back.

This time on television.

The producers of "Terminator 3" -- which came out two years ago -- have sold a pilot to the Fox network for a "Terminator" drama series.

Only it's called "The Sarah Connor Chronicles," although according to trade paper Variety that is only a tentative title, which is a good thing because it's way too namby-pamby for an action drama.

"SCC" will follow the much-put-upon Sarah Connor, who was played by totally ripped Linda Hamilton in the first two "Terminator" movies. Sarah is the mother of John Connor, who is destined in the future to save humans from the machines, only not very well if you saw "T3."

The TV series picks up after "T2"; Ahnuld has exterminated evil cyborg T-1000 in a vat of molten metal. The series covers the 10 years or so in which Sarah and her now teenage son do this and that before the start of "T3," by which time poor Sarah has been killed off (leukemia in Mexico) by James Cameron, who played God, so that Cameron could openly date Suzy Amis, aka the Other Woman from "Titanic," in which Cameron played King of the World.

It's confusing, I know.

According to the trades, pretty much nobody from the movies is expected to be involved with the series. Not Schwarzenegger, whose pet initiatives were all terminated by voters Tuesday, putting a serious crimp in his '06 reelection bid.

The producers also have announced plans for a fourth "Terminator" flick, though no details were released, the trades reported.

And speaking of Fox and terminated, the media have begun their vigil for the network's Monday comedies "Arrested Development" and "Kitchen Confidential."

Fox officially yanked the shows for the remainder of the November ratings sweeps in favor of "Prison Break" reruns.

"Arrested Development," a darling of critics but not of viewers, aired during the first three weeks of the season, then got yanked so Fox could air baseball. After that, Fox filled the slot with "Prison Break" reruns for a spell. This week, "Arrested" made what was supposed to be its splashy return to Monday night with two back-to-back episodes, but they averaged only about 4 million viewers, which, in turn, dragged down Fox's 9 p.m. show, "Prison Break," to one of its smallest audiences.

Fox has cut the season order for "Arrested Development" from 22 episodes to 13.

"Kitchen Confidential" has had it even worse. Producers of that show have been told it will not get a full-season order even though it's had only three broadcasts in which to try to develop an audience. In those three outings, it also averaged just 4 million viewers.

On the other hand, the triumphant return of Pamela Anderson's cleavage to the Fox lineup on Wednesday night clocked only about 5 million viewers. The season finale of her "Stacked" last spring had logged nearly 12 million -- of course, that was immediately after an episode of "American Idol."

Fox will plug the Monday hole with reruns of "Prison Break" for the rest of the November ratings derby. "Arrested" and "Kitchen Confidential" will be back in December, but don't get too attached; the network has already said that "House" moves into the time slot come January.

Linda Hamilton in "Terminator 2." She's out of the picture for TV's "Sarah Connor Chronicles."