The Mayor Is In . . .

In Class, That Is

* Michael Sessions was too young to get his name on the ballot, so he ran for mayor of Hillsdale, Michigan, as a write-in candidate.

On Tuesday he eked out a two-vote victory over the incumbent mayor, getting 670 votes.

If the results are not challenged, the 18-year-old high school senior will become one of the youngest mayors in U.S. history. The swearing-in ceremony is set for later this month.

Sessions financed his door-to-door campaign with $700 he made at a summer job.

Voters in Hillsdale, a city of about 8,500, told him they wanted "new energy," Sessions said. Even so, he said, he was surprised "that [so many] people took the time to write my name in. My heart's racing."

Steven Brower, Sessions's government teacher, described him as "a real go-getter" on the campaign trail who "acted like he was running for president."

The four-year mayor's job, which pays $250 a month, comes with no office, no phone -- not even a filing cabinet.

That's okay with Sessions, who says he'll work out of his bedroom.

Michael Sessions, 18, will be mayor of his Michigan hometown.