Going Several Rounds With the Rich and Famous

The sweet scent of money -- scads of it -- filled the air at Friday's parties for Fight Night, which raises millions for children's charities, and Knock Out Abuse Against Women. Fight Night, the infamous men-only smoker, drew 2,200 developer/tech/finance types (founder Joe Robert, Bob Johnson, Jim Kimsey, Russ Ramsey and Maryland Lt. Gov. Michael Steele) for cigars and boxing. Knock Out was the "girls' night out" counterpart with 700 highly groomed women (Event Chairwoman Ann Walker Marchant, co-founders Cheryl Masri and Jill Sorensen, and emcees Gwen Ifill and Michele Norris) for champagne and chick-chat. We spent the night toting up what you pay to play.


Individual ticket price: $700

Table price: $7,000

Money raised: $2.3 million

Noteworthy tip to models passing out cigars: $100

Raul Fernandez's last-minute replacement tuxedo shirt: $80

MC Hammer's Air Jordan XIX black patent sneakers: $150

Winning auction bid for a private concert by Hammer: $90,000

Estimated value of goodie bag swag (T-shirt, cigar, boxing glove keychain): $25

Fight Night Chairman Bill Wolfe's rented limo to Washington Hilton: $600

National Zoo Director John Berry's lapel photo of Butterstick: Priceless


Individual ticket price: $350

Table price: $3,500

Money raised: $550,000

Generous tip to bartender: $15

BET President Debra Lee's diamond necklace and matching earrings: $50,000

Cynthia Bruno's Chanel black-and-pink faux pearl-studded heels: $500

Winning auction bid for an apricot miniature poodle puppy: $1,600

Estimated value of goodie bag swag (T-shirt, face cleanser, magazine): $25

Suite at Ritz-Carlton to crash or carry on the party: $649

Three-to-one ratio of men to women at the combined after-party: Priceless


Derwood, Md., says:

"I thought this was very cruel what you said about Tom Cruise [Wednesday's item about the actor replacing his publicist -- his sister Lee Anne DeVette -- with a professional]. Lee Anne is a friend of my friends. She's a wonderful person and if Tom is going to replace her that's his -- this pumping fists and jumping on the couch? That's no one's business. If he wants to do that and Oprah's happy with that -- personally, I think all you all who are judging Tom Cruise are just jealous that you could probably never get someone like Tom Cruise. Tom is a wonderful person. He's from my home town, he's had a really hard life. And what is it with you all anyway? Everyone who's so interested in his life? Is there anything positive that you guys can say about people? I'm really going to talk to Don Graham and your boss. There's not ever anything positive that you all are saying. It's kind of a nasty, yellow journalism, I would say. If you want to say something nice about Tom Cruise, talk about all the things he does, and the kind person he is. And get a life, really. I'm sure you probably couldn't even get someone like Tom Cruise.

You're absolutely right. Must be the meds the shrinks give us.

Why Hasn't Anyone Spied Daniel Craig?

So, Daniel Craig: He's the Next Big Thing, at least according to MGM, which tapped him to take over the billion-dollar James Bond franchise from Pierce Brosnan. Not a bad-looking guy, right? Yet in the six weeks that he's been stopping traffic and snarling the Metro in the course of filming "The Visiting" here, not one of you readers has reported seeing him. Nooooo, every day it's just the same old "Nicole, Nicole, Nicole!"