New Cold Remedy:

Avoid Icy Foot Baths

* Mom was right -- again!

When your parents tell you to bundle up or you might catch a cold, do you laugh and say that being cold has nothing to do with catching a cold?

Well, a recent study at the Common Cold Centre at Cardiff University in Wales found that being chilled might actually make you ill.

The study asked 90 volunteers to put their bare feet in ice water for 20 minutes. Another set of volunteers put their feet in empty bowls for the same amount of time.

Five days later, 29 percent of the group with the frigid feet had snuffly noses and other cold symptoms. Only 9 percent of those with toasty toes got sick.

Researchers think that many people have the cold virus without having any symptoms.

However, when these people are exposed to cold air -- like the test subjects who put their feet in ice water, or like you when you go outside without a coat on -- the cold germs may get active and produce the runny nose, sneezes and aches that make you feel bad.

A Fungus Among Us

* This truffle is no trifle.

Truffles are fleshy, edible fungi, similar to mushrooms, that grow underground. On Sunday a rare white truffle weighing more than 21/2 pounds was sold at a charity auction in Italy. The buyer paid about $110,000.

Buyers linked by satellite bid on this handbag-size rare white truffle.