College Football. Boston College at Maryland (Channel 20 at noon); Oklahoma at Texas Tech (CSN at noon); Virginia Tech at Virginia (ESPN at noon); Minnesota at Iowa (ESPN2 at noon); Ohio State at Michigan (Channel 7 at 1); Syracuse at Notre Dame (Channel 4, 2:30); Alabama at Auburn (Channel 9, 3:30); Washington State at Washington (CSN, 3:30); Penn State at Michigan State (ESPN at 4); Georgia Tech at Miami (ESPN, 7:45); LSU at Mississippi (ESPN2, 7:45).

Golf. Third round of the World Golf Championships in Portugal (Channel 7, 4:30).

College Basketball. Davidson at Duke (ESPN2 at 5).

Hockey. Washington at Montreal (CSN at 7).

NBA Basketball. Washington at New Jersey (Channel 50, 7:30).

Teen Show

It's Academic. Annandale, St. Albans and Seneca Valley compete (Channel 4 at 10 a.m.).

Public Affairs

To the Contrary With Bonnie Erbe reports on the effect of suburban sprawl on families, plus discussion of Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito's record on abortion (Channel 32 at 10 a.m.; Sunday at 9:30 a.m. on Channel 26).

This is America With Dennis Wholey. The Shakespeare Theatre's Michael Kahn, Signature Theatre's Eric Schaeffer, Arena Stage's Molly Smith and Studio Theatre's Joy Zinoman discuss the state of American theater (Channel 32, 10:30 a.m.; Sunday at 6 p.m.).

Weekend Live With Tony Snow. The Hudson Institute's Michael Fumento assesses flu pandemic fears (FNC at noon). Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) appears tomorrow at noon to discuss an Iraq war timetable.

The McLaughlin Group debates an exit strategy for Iraq (Channel 4, 1:30; Sunday at noon).

The Beltway Boys weigh in on the Senate's crumbling support for President Bush's Iraq policy and on Bob Woodward's bombshell in the CIA leak case (FNC at 6).

Fox News Watch assesses the Bob Woodward/CIA leak case and the Senate resolution on Iraq (FNC, 6:30).

Eye on Washington. The panel assesses the war of words between Republicans and Democrats on Iraq and Samuel Alito's abortion record (Channel 9 at 7; Sunday at 11 a.m.).

On the Story. Topics are female suicide bombers, torture lawsuits and the president's Asia trip (CNN at 7).


48 Hours Mystery reports on the case of two young women who were brutally murdered on Halloween last year in Napa, Calif. (Channel 9 at 10).

Late Night

Mad TV. Christopher Meloni guest-stars (Channel 5 at 11).

Saturday Night Live. Hosted by Eva Longoria, with music by Korn (Channel 4, 11:30).

Eva Longoria of "Desperate Housewives" hosts "Saturday Night Live," at 11:30 on Channel 4.