Five-year-old Benjamin drew a picture at school and wanted to describe it to me. We were at his audiologist's office, where I was trying to get my older son to work on his homework while I talked with the receptionist and quieted my anxiety about Benjamin's hearing all at the same time. All I caught was his last line:

"It's a picture of lots of big things and lots of little things all around in all different colors. The little things are talking. The big things aren't listening."

Um, hmm. . . . What? Oh.

Illysa Izenberg


Ayear ago, my parents announced they were separating after 35 years. Four months later, my husband's parents called with the same news. Then all four of them hit the dating scene with a vengeance. When I tell people this, they always ask, "What's it like?" Recently, my husband and I have been fielding questions from our parents such as, How soon should I call her after a first date? And, How do I know that he likes me? So to that first question I answer, We think this must be what it's like to be a parent to teenagers.

Kita Murdock


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