The 23 fourth-graders in Missy Alden and Noemi Colon's class at Oyster Bilingual Elementary in the District are this week's Class of KidsPost. Here is some of what's on their minds.

* Favorite author: Louis Sachar and J.K. Rowling each got five votes. Other favorite authors included Walter Dean Myers, Kate DiCamillo, Brian Jacques and Jerry Spinelli.

* Favorite thing to collect: Six kids collect coins. Three said they collect music downloads.

* Favorite game: Monopoly (eight votes) edged chess (seven).

* Favorite game system: PlayStation 2 got four votes, which tied "none" -- a first.

* Time spent on the Internet each week: Nine kids said "less than one hour." "More than three hours" and "don't use the Internet" each got five votes.

* Favorite sport: Soccer got six votes. Swimming had four.

* What subject do you wish were taught in school? Three kids said music, two each said magic and swimming. (There also were votes for skateboarding and Pokemon.)

* At what age should kids be able to vote and drive? The average age for each was 12 -- but one student said kids should be able to vote at 6 and drive at 9!

* The biggest problem in the world today: Hurricane Katrina got nine votes, while war got four. Gas prices, pollution and global warming also were mentioned.

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