* College football today on WJLA, WUSA and CSN.

* Tonight, Wizards vs. Pistons on CSN.

* Nicolas Cage in "The Family Man" on WRC.

* And "Star Wars: Episode II" on WTTG.


College Football. Texas at Texas A&M (Channel 7 at noon); Arkansas at LSU (Channel 9, 2:30); Arizona at Arizona State (CSN at 3); Nebraska at Colorado (Channel 7, 3:30); Wisconsin at Hawaii (ESPN2 at 9).

NBA Basketball. Washington at Detroit (CSN at 8); Dallas at Miami (ESPN at 8); New Jersey at Phoenix (ESPN, 10:30).

Public Broadcasting

Washington Week With Gwen Ifill. Topics are the war, the administration's legislative priorities, the Supreme Court and the president's standing with the public; with ABC's Martha Raddatz, Time's Michael Duffy, NBC's Pete Williams and The Washington Post's David Broder (Channel 26 at 8).

Now reports on the prevalence of military recruiting on high school campuses (Channel 26 at 9).


20/20 provides advice on how not to get fat over the holidays, including tips from celebrities Wynonna Judd and Carnie Wilson (Channel 7 at 10).

Cable Series

The X's. A family of spies (with Mom and Dad voiced by Wendie Malick and Patrick Warburton) live incognito in suburbia in this new animated show (Nickelodeon at 8).

Movies That Shook the World looks at the 1973 "American Graffiti" (AMC at 10).


The Family Man (2000). An investment broker (Nicolas Cage) enjoying life in the fast lane wakes up one morning to find himself married with children (Channel 4 at 8).

Star Wars: Episode II -- Attack of the Clones (2002). As Obi-Wan Kenobi continues to tutor Anakin Skywalker, the young Jedi finds himself falling head over heels in love with Amidala. And that spells T-R-O-U-B-L-E (Channel 5 at 8).


Supernanny. The Tsironis family deals with rambunctious twins who run wild and an older sister who is a compulsive liar (Channel 7 at 8).

Ghost Whisperer. A bride-to-be is being haunted by her fiance's dead wife (Channel 9 at 8).

Hope & Faith. Hope must choose between attending Faith's poetry slam and an Optimist Club event honoring her husband (Channel 7 at 9).

Close to Home. A gangster on trial for carjacking and kidnapping threatens Anabeth's family (Channel 9 at 9).

Hot Properties. The normally glamorous Lola dresses down to see if people treat her differently (Channel 7, 9:30).

Numb3rs. A former chemist at a large pharmaceutical company is discovered to be tampering with medication (Channel 9 at 10).

Late Night

The Tonight Show With Jay Leno. With Sinbad and the Supernanny (Channel 4, 11:35).

Late Show With David Letterman. With John Malkovich and NASCAR Nextel Cup winner Tony Stewart (Channel 9, 11:35).

-- John Maynard

The TV Column will return.

Movie night: Natalie Portman in "Star Wars: Episode II"; Tea Leoni and Nicolas Cage in "The Family Man."