A Whale of an Aquarium

* Where can you see the only two whale sharks not in Asia?

At the Georgia Aquarium, which opened this week in Atlanta. After visitors have checked out whale sharks Ralph and Norton, there are many other fish to look at. The new aquarium is the biggest in the world -- in terms of number of fish (more than 100,000) and amount of water (about 8 million gallons).

The two whale sharks are just kids. When they arrived at the aquarium last summer, one measured 151/2 feet and the other 13 feet. Adult whale sharks can grow to more than 40 feet long, making them the world's largest fish.

The aquarium also has five beluga whales, a 4-D theater and fishy music.

No Gain, No Pain

* Overweight kids are more likely to have broken bones, joint pain and difficulty getting around than kids of normal weight, a study found.

The study compared 227 overweight kids with 128 kids of normal weight. Their average age was 12. About 14 percent of overweight kids had had broken bones, compared with less than 4 percent of the other group.

Overweight kids also reported more joint problems, including pain in the knees, the National Institutes of Health researchers found.

I'm Awake!

* Would you like coffee with your school breakfast?

That's a question a million kids in Brazil soon will be answering.

Brazil's coffee industry is starting a program to give free breakfasts to kids when they arrive at school. The meal would include milk, bread and coffee.

Some people say the coffee industry just wants to get kids hooked on the beverage at a young age.

But a spokesman for the project said there is nothing wrong with kids drinking coffee.

"Kids have soft drinks at school," said Darcy Lima. "Why not coffee instead to make them alert and attentive?"

A whale shark is among the attractions at the new Georgia Aquarium.Brazilian students soon can have coffee with their school breakfasts.