Arnold's Annual Kaffeeklatsch

Move aside, folks. The Governator needs his coffee fix.

A casually dressed Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger was spotted grabbing a cup of joe at a Potomac Starbucks yesterday alongside his wife, Maria Shriver, with three bodyguards in tow. Three?!

A store manager said the 58-year-old Schwarzenegger, whose in-laws, Sargent and Eunice Kennedy Shriver, live nearby, visits every Thanksgiving for his usual decaf doppio espresso macchiato (total calories: 15). Sources say Ah-nold looks like he's in great shape and his wife looked rather skinny.

Maybe it was the caffeine or the festive red cups, but apparently Schwarzenegger was in the holiday spirit: He left a $4 tip for the $1.85 drink.

Model Behavior, Caught on Canvas

We're thinking Kate Moss isn't going to be too pleased with this: The fresh-out-of-rehab supermodel is the subject of four not-so-flattering paintings by Stella Vine on display at a London exhibit.

One painting, "Must Be the Season of the Witch," is based on a tabloid photo of the 31-year-old that shows her allegedly snorting cocaine. Vine told the Associated Press most of her work is based on press photos.

The ominously titled "Holy Water Cannot Help You Now" portrays Moss holding a cigarette as paint drips off her face, while another shows her waving from a window in a rehab clinic. The final painting is simply a portrait of the model holding a glass of champagne.

Vine said she chose Moss as her latest muse because of the spirit she saw in her eyes. "She's like Mona Lisa," the artist said. "She may not be the most beautiful woman in the world, but something comes through her eyes." Is that a compliment?

The paintings will be on display in East London until Jan. 1.

'Desperate Housewife' Bugged

"Desperate Housewives" star Teri Hatcher is suing a London newspaper over allegations she had "sex romps" with men in a Volkswagen van, according to her lawyer. Puh-lease. A Volkswagen?

British law firm Schillings told the Associated Press that the 40-year-old actress is suing the Daily Sport over articles that she says "falsely alleged that she engages in sex romps on a regular basis with a series of men in a VW van parked outside her L.A. home for this purpose."

The firm said that the claims were repeated in many other countries and that Hatcher "bitterly refutes these offensive allegations."

The case should go before the London High Court next year.

Noted . . .

* Baby? What baby? New mom Britney Spears had her navel ring reinserted at an upscale Manhattan piercing studio, Venus by Maria Tash, during a trip to the Big Apple last week, according to People magazine. Store owner Maria Tash says Spears, who gave birth to son Sean Preston on Sept. 14, is in "really good shape." No kidding.

* A jury ruled Wednesday that actor Matthew Modine doesn't have to shell out big bucks for damages to a neighbor's property from a fire he started outside his Hudson Valley home. The "Transporter 2" star told the Associated Press he started the fire in April 2003 to clear brush on his property. His neighbors were seeking $43,000 for damage to more than 100 trees on their estate.

-- Korin Miller

Painter Stella Vine on her subject, supermodel Kate Moss: "She's like Mona Lisa."