College Football. Maryland at N.C. State (ESPN at noon); Division I-AA playoffs: Colgate at New Hampshire (ESPN2 at noon) and Georgia Southern at Texas State (ESPN2, 3:30); Iowa State at Kansas (CSN, 12:30); Grambling State vs. Southern (Channel 4 at 2); Virginia at Miami (Channel 7, 3:30); Florida State at Florida (Channel 9, 3:30); Fresno State at Nevada (ESPN2, 7:15); North Carolina at Virginia Tech (ESPN, 7:45); Notre Dame at Stanford (Channel 7 at 8).

Golf. The Skins Game (Channel 7 at 1).

NBA Basketball. Washington at Charlotte (CSN, 7:30).

Hockey. Washington at New York Rangers (Channel 50 at 8).

Teen Show

It's Academic. Gonzaga, W.T. Woodson and Wootton high schools compete (Channel 4 at 10 a.m.).

Public Affairs

To the Contrary With Bonnie Erbe. Topics include women assuming government leadership positions in Germany and Liberia, and children and hunting (Channel 32 at 10 a.m.; Sunday at 9:30 a.m. on Channel 26).

Weekend Live With Tony Snow. Rep. Bobby Jindal (R-La.) talks about the Katrina aftermath (FNC at noon). Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) appears tomorrow to discuss the war on terror.

The McLaughlin Group discusses Angela Merkel's election as German chancellor and Hillary Clinton's presidential chances in 2008 (Channel 4, 1:30; Sunday at noon).

Eye on Washington. Panelists hand out their "turkey of the year" prizes to individuals who have not distinguished themselves in 2005 (Channel 9 at 7; Sunday at 11 a.m.).

On the Story. Topics are the war in Iraq, the holiday shopping season and this season's movies (CNN at 7).

Cable Specials

Animal Planet Heroes: Hurricane Reunions documents victims of Hurricane Katrina returning to the Gulf Coast to search for the pets that they were forced to leave behind (Animal Planet at 8).

American Soldier. Six-part series follows eight National Guardsmen from Georgia as they prepare for and are deployed to Iraq (CMT, 9:30).

Prime-Time Movies

Runaway Bride (1999). Julia Roberts plays a woman scared to say "I Do" until a jaded journalist (Richard Gere) enters the picture (Channel 4, 8:30).

The Reading Room (2005). James Earl Jones stars as a wealthy man who returns to the inner city where he grew up to open a reading room for those less fortunate (Hallmark Channel at 9).

Manticore (2005). While in Iraq searching for weapons of mass destruction, an Army officer stumbles upon a millennium-old creature that's capable of world annihilation (Sci Fi at 9).

Late Night

Saturday Night Live repeats the season premiere hosted by Steve Carell with music by Kanye West (Channel 4, 11:30).

Steve Willis, Larry O'Neal, Jamey Chalker, Matthew Clements and four other Georgia National Guardsmen are featured in "American Soldier" on CMT.

Kanye West, shown performing in September, is the musical guest on "Saturday Night Live" at 11:30 p.m.