Can't Stop the Beat

Is Buffalo, N.Y., the undisputed disco capital of America? Well, if we're judging by the roughly 7,000 people who danced to "YMCA" on Saturday at the Buffalo Convention Center as part of the "World's Largest Disco" event, perhaps the answer is best spelled out aloud to the song's thumping beat by someone impersonating a member of the Village People: "Y-E-S."

"No one's challenged us yet," said Dave Pietrowski, the Orchard Park, N.Y., insurance man who started the annual post-Thanksgiving event in 1994. The original World's Largest Disco, held at the convention center in 1979 and featuring performances by the Trammps and Gloria Gaynor, attracted a crowd of 13,000 and broke the Guinness world record for largest disco event of all time.

The disco's current incarnation holds the distinction of hosting every living cast member from "The Brady Bunch" along with a swinging selection of "Dallas" and "Love Boat" cast members.

"It's a wild event, and now it's become an endemic part of the city," Chrisopher Knight (Peter Brady from "The Brady Bunch" and current star of the VH1 reality show "My Fair Brady") told The Post from the Buffalo Bills game yesterday. Knight, 48, in his fifth consecutive appearance at the disco, served as this year's top throwback celebrity.

As for his new fiancee, 23-year-old "America's Next Top Model" winner Adrianne Curry: "She got a lot of love from the baby boom crowd, which is my crowd," Knight said. "Although it's not her music -- her music is a little more metal -- she now has a greater appreciation for those that would enjoy a disco."

The event raised $850,000 for Camp Good Days, a camp for children with cancer.

Hold the Congratulations

The bells can stop their anticipatory ringing: Kimberly Stewart, 26-year-old daughter of rock legend Rod Stewart, and Talan Torriero, 19-year-old "Laguna Beach" star, have called off their marriage plans. The couple announced their engagement earlier this month.

"It was just too soon to enter into a lifelong commitment," their representatives said in a joint statement. "It is better to have a brief engagement than a short marriage. The couple continue to share their time together and remain open to whatever the future may hold."

Shaving, perhaps. Or maybe college!

A Kick to the Head

Despite continued stateside box office successes, action star Jackie Chan has called for Asia's film industry -- from Bollywood to Hong Kong -- to band together against Hollywood.

Chan told the Times of India that American movies erode the culture of Asian countries, saying, "Asians should unite against American cinema."

"Why do we need to ape their culture," Chan said. "I see an Indian saying 'Yo, man!' but that's not what Asians are about." (Presumably Asians aren't about kickboxing assassins, either, but the subject didn't come up.)

India, like Hong Kong, has its own thriving film industry, known as Bollywood. While American movies are shown in Indian cinemas, Hindi movies dominate the big screens on the subcontinent.

"Cinema reflects culture, and there is no harm in adapting technology, but not at the cost of losing your originality," said Chan.

Mr. Originality is about to start filming on "Rush Hour 3."

Noted . . .

* The Museum of the African Diaspora opened Saturday in San Francisco. "Just the way 'Roots' made us think about our ancestry, we hope this museum will help deepen people's understanding of their place in the human family and evolution," said Belva Davis, president of the museum's board of directors.

* Woody . . . Ingmar . . . . . . Madonna? With a documentary about her life called "I'm Going to Tell You a Secret" scheduled to air Thursday in Britain, the Material Girl has expressed interest in directing a movie. "I would love to direct a film. I felt very inspired by making this movie, and I learned a lot about filmmaking and storytelling," Madonna told Britain's Channel 4 on Sunday.

. . . And Quoted

"That's a misconceived idea you have when you're young: Oh, you don't really want to marry somebody who's not this wild, exciting, crazy bad boy or this genius. Well, guess what, it's not going to make you a genius. And everybody's life is pretty darn fascinating."

-- Diane Keaton to Time magazine on dating Woody Allen, Al Pacino and Warren Beatty.

-- Christian Hettinger

Madonna (performing last week in London) has been inspired by her "Secret" to direct a movie.For Talan Torriero and Kimberly Stewart, the engagement is officially over.Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry (shown in May) felt the love in Buffalo.