When (Condi's) Size Matters

From the State Department transcript of USA Today reporter Barbara Slavin's interview Monday with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice for a forthcoming profile, after Rice fielded questions on a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, secret CIA prisons, North Korea's weapons program and whether she will run for president in 2008:

QUESTION: I've got to ask you this. I've got to put this on the record. And that is you are a size 6 in designer clothes. Yes?

SECRETARY RICE: Some secrets cannot be disclosed. [Laughter.]

QUESTION: And American women want to know where you get your clothes, what your favorite designers are. I've sized you up and figure Akris Punto and some Armani and I'm not sure of the others. This is a really significant question for the women of America.

SECRETARY RICE: I cannot confirm . . .

QUESTION: Struggling to be . . . [Laughter.]

SECRETARY RICE: I cannot confirm or deny. [Laughter.]

QUESTION: Struggling to be a size 6 after the age of -- yes.

SECRETARY RICE: What age is that? [Laughter.]

QUESTION: Fifty. I think those of us who are above the age of 50 should be proud of it.

Slavin later told us she had a bet going with other reporters about Rice's dress size -- she correctly guessed 6, her own size in designer duds. "She definitely wears great suits," Slavin said of Rice, who turned 51 this month. "I wouldn't mind having her castoffs."


Seven weeks ago, Democratic adviser Harold Ickes was riding his Vespa on Pennsylvania Avenue near 24th Street when he collided with an oncoming car making a sharp turn in front of him. Initial reports to us described the accident as minor, but it turns out the 66-year-old spent two weeks in the hospital.

"I would be dead if I wasn't wearing a helmet," he said yesterday from his home.

Ickes doesn't remember anything after the accident; eyewitnesses said he was thrown in the air and crashed down on his right side. No charges have been filed against the driver -- "I think he just didn't see me," Ickes said charitably. He dislocated his hip, emerged from the hospital on crutches and still can't put any weight on his right leg.

For the time being he's totally homebound but still consulting for Hillary Clinton's Senate reelection campaign. He predicts he'll be up and moving by Christmas but not necessarily on his scooter. "There's a lot of debate about that in my family," he said. "I hope to."

This Just In . . .

* Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) says the NFL and Philadelphia Eagles are being unfair to wide receiver Terrell Owens, and he just might bring the matter to the antitrust subcommittee of the Senate Judiciary Committee he chairs, so there. Just because Owens is a spoiled brat who humiliates his teammates and ruins their season is no reason for them to prevent him from playing or talking to other teams; it's "vindictive and inappropriate," said Specter. (The Eagles deactivated Owens on Sunday after a four-game suspension; an arbitrator ruled the action was supported by terms of the player's contract.) We can't wait until Nicollette Sheridan drops her towel at the Senate hearings . . .

* And speaking of deactivation, model Jerry Hall -- Mick Jagger's ex -- is Levitra's new ambassador for erectile dysfunction. "It's never too late to get the most from your love life," Hall, 49, said in a statement. Cue the Stones: "This won't be the last time. . . ."

Hey, Isn't That . . . ?

First twins Jenna and Barbara celebrating their 24th birthday Friday on hip South Congress Avenue in Austin. The Bush twins slipped away from the Crawford ranch (and all that family togetherness) for shopping -- Jenna held hands with boyfriend Henry Hager, and Barbara walked just behind with gal pals. They refueled at SoCo's Doc's Motorworks Bar & Grill -- a former garage -- and took advantage of the warm weather by relaxing in lawn chairs on the patio, where smoking is allowed.

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