Schools' Sugary Soda

Sales Lose Some Fizz

* Kids are drinking fewer sugary sodas at school.

The American Beverage Association, which represents companies that make sodas, says that the amount of non-diet sodas sold in school vending machines fell 24 percent.

During the same 2002-04 period, the amount of sports drinks sold in schools grew by nearly 70 percent, bottled water was up 23 percent, diet soda 22 percent and fruit juice 15 percent, according to the association's report.

Regular soda is still the leader in high schools, accounting for 45 percent of beverages sold in vending machines this year. But that's down from 57 percent three years ago, the report said.

Why is this important news? Well, with more kids being overweight, soda-makers have been criticized for selling high-calorie, high-sugar drinks in schools.

Because of that criticism, two-thirds of the nation's schools have put some limits on the kinds of drinks and foods sold in school vending machines, according to the School Nutrition Association.

Fight On, Wisconsin!

* Kenosha, Wisconsin, seems an odd place to put a Civil War museum. After all, no battles were fought in the town, located between Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Chicago, Illinois.

But Kenosha officials say that building a $15 million museum there is a good idea because 94,000 Wisconsin men served in the 1861-65 war. The museum would honor the Iron Brigade, which was considered one of the best fighting units in the Union army and was made up mostly of soldiers from Wisconsin.

Give Us Your Cookies!

* Do you have a knockout no-bake cookie recipe that you enjoy making with your mom or dad, or on your own?

The Washington Post's Food section wants to include a no-bake recipe in its December cookie issue and is asking kids to send in their favorites.

The recipe does not have to be your own creation. It can require some microwaving or warming of ingredients on top of the stove, but no oven time.

The winning recipe will be printed in a special cookie edition of the Food section on Dec. 14. Entries must be received by Monday. Check with your parents and then mail your recipe to No-Bake Cookie Contest, Food Section, The Washington Post, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071. Or send an e-mail to Please be sure to include your name, address and phone number.

Schools are selling more sports drinks and bottled water, fewer non-diet sodas.