What in the World?

* Is it a cat? A lemur? A fox?

Animal experts from the World Wildlife Fund aren't sure what kind of animal they caught on film on Borneo Island, but they are 90 percent sure that it's a type of carnivore never before seen anywhere in the world.

The animal, with dark red fur and a long, bushy tale, would be the first new meat-eater discovered on the South China Sea island since the Borneo ferret- badger in 1895.

Go, Dogs, Go!

* What happens if you're running in a race and you come to a curve on the track? You slow down. But greyhounds, the sleek racing dogs, power through those turns without losing any of their speed.

How do they do that? Researchers reporting in the journal Science say that while humans slow down in tight turns to get more of their feet in contact with the track, greyhounds don't need to. "It is quite a surprise that greyhounds are not limited by the same things that humans are," said James Usherwood, who studies animal movement.

At top speed, greyhounds can run about 37 miles per hour, or about twice the top speed of humans.

This Sounds Dangerous

* Kangaroos are a pest to farmers in Australia. The animals damage crops and eat food meant for livestock.

But farmers are fighting back, using a recording of the thumping sound kangaroos make with their feet.

Kangaroos thump when they sense danger, so when the animals heard the recording, they fled -- leaving the farmland untouched.

Researchers think that this Borneo creature is a new species of carnivore.Greyhounds don't feel the need to slow down.