The 12 students in Chris Horton's Year 5 class at the British School of Washington are this week's class of KidsPost. (In the British school system, Year 5 is equivalent to fourth grade in the American system.) Here's what these kids told us about themselves.

Favorite author: Roald Dahl got three votes. Judy Blume and Bruce Hale each got two votes.

Favorite TV show: "Suite Life of Zack and Cody" wins with four votes.

Favorite game: Monopoly monopolizes this category with five votes.

Favorite thing to do with your parents: Play board games, play outside and go on vacation got two votes each.

How much time do you spend each week on the Internet? Four kids said less than an hour.

One subject you wish was taught at your school: Magic got three votes. (Do they think they're at Hogwarts?)

What do you want to be when you grow up? This class could have two teachers, two veterinarians and two geologists, plus an author and a baseball player.

What's the biggest problem in the world today? Four kids said pollution, three said war and others mentioned hunger, homelessness and terrorism -- all pretty big problems.

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