Today Weekend introduces a new look. It's not an extreme makeover. But there are changes throughout the section.

First, why it's not an extreme makeover. We at Weekend are fortunate. We have a long, successful history, 28 years and counting, and we've earned the trust of our many readers. That's extremely important. We're the area's best-read weekly entertainment guide. We're not trying to reinvent ourselves as some "New! Improved! Better tasting!" entertainment section. We're not the new Coke. We're Coke Classic.

But it's time for an updated look. We're using more color, offering more guidance, highlighting more options and making the section easier to use. From the detailed index on Page 4 to the redesigned and renamed Next Up on Page 58, we've revised some features and made our labeling clearer and our design cleaner. For example, if you're intrigued by museums and galleries, Michael O'Sullivan's "The Seen" (Page 22) will point you to events that shouldn't be missed. That's not to be confused with "The Scene" (Page 6) -- see what brainstorming will get you -- up-to-the-minute tips on what's happening in area clubs and bars.

Weekend's goal is to be comprehensive and to offer expert guidance. Within each topic we cover -- nightlife, live music, theater and dance, film, exhibits, family events, and the outdoors and sports -- we provide lots of listings, feature stories and recommendations. You can come to Weekend with no plans and find something that suits you. Or you can flip through the section with a particular interest, say music, and go straight to your favorite club listing. We want to be your one-stop destination for making the best choices.

We focus on seven days -- Friday through Thursday -- but throughout the section, in cover stories, other features and on the Next Up page, we give readers a heads-up about future events. Some of our most popular annual cover stories, such as last week's Holiday Happenings and today's Holiday Movie Guide, will keep you in the know for several weeks. (Our 2006 preview of events comes out Jan. 20. Don't go through 2006 without it.)

Your entertainment options are growing, but your time is not. We understand; we're in the same boat. But we also know that what gives most of us the quality of life we desire is more than our work. It's our passions, whether that's for the theater, for film, the outdoors, music or spending quality time with our kids -- or all of the above.

So take a spin through today's Weekend. We hope you like it. Feedback is always welcome. Send comments to me at Weekend, The Washington Post, 1150 15th St. NW, Washington, D.C. 20071 or e-mail And if you want to chat about it, meet me on Wednesday at noon.

Thanks for reading Weekend.

Joyce Jones

Weekend Editor