The Oscars are Sunday night, bringing our collective attention more than ever to movies. But for many, films -- the great and the not so great -- are a weekly obsession. What's opening this week? What's new on DVD? When will we see a prequel or sequel to "Batman Begins" or the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy? With many of our favorites, we just can't get enough.

In Weekend, we discuss films a lot, and we thought: Wouldn't it be cool to hear what our readers think about movies? So, why not ask? We popped the question a month ago: "Tell us about your favorite movie: What is it, and why do you like it so much?" Nearly 400 of you answered by entering Your Favorite Movie Contest.

It was really nice to hear from you. And our hunch proved correct: As Sally Field might say, you like movies, you really like movies. Reading all your responses was like having scores of friends sharing movie tips.

The tipsters ranged in age from 8 to 88, and though some films had clear followings ("Casablanca" had the most fans, with nine), opinion was varied, with more than 260 films rating as someone's favorite. From "The Exorcist" to "It's a Wonderful Life," and "Finding Nemo" to "Lost in Translation," entrants explained their picks in terms of chills delivered, stress relieved and lessons learned.

If you're like me and you keep a list of intriguing films that you plan to see, then get ready to add a few. I've already put "Truly Madly Deeply" on mine.

Now that we've winnowed the field to six finalists (see next page), it's time for you to select a grand-prize winner. From Friday through midnight March 11, you can vote at The top vote-getter will win a $200 Blockbuster gift card, and the other five finalists will each receive four AMC Gold movie passes.

Check out the six finalists, and choose the one you think best backs up his or her choice. Remember, you're not voting for your favorite film of the six, but rather for the entrant who best communicates why his or her favorite is so good. To read more entries, see the honorable mentions on Page 27 and go to to see even more entries. For every movie that was entered as a favorite, see the list below. Numbers in parentheses indicate the number of entrants who chose that movie.

Read on and experience that moment when you know a film is much more than just a diversion. As finalist Joshua Stewart writes of his favorite, "Scream": "The instant I stopped eating my Spree candies in the theater, I knew it was special."