Notable DVDs being released Tuesday include:

· A Good Year(PG-13) Unfortunately, a good year does not guarantee a good 118 minutes. It's not that this attempt at romantic comedy with Russell Crowe, Albert Finney, Abbie Cornish and Marion Cotillard is bad. Based on a Peter Mayle novel about an Englishman who unexpectedly becomes the owner of a vineyard in Provence, it's a pretty enough little travelogue. It's just that there's no fizz or kick to it. It's drinkable, just not tasty.

· Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny(R) Either you love the band created by Jack Black and Kyle Gass and think the entire concept is hilarious (think of "This Is Spinal Tap" as being in the family tree) or you just shrug and go "Eh" when faced with it. This movie has them pursuing a legendary guitar pick in a, um, madcap adventure. A November review in the San Francisco Chronicle perhaps summed it up best with this line: "The finished product is passable entertainment for sober audiences but comic gold for anyone who is currently stoned, has been stoned in the past or spends a lot of time around stoned people." Extras include director and actor commentaries, music videos, featurettes and deleted scenes.

· The Heart of the Game (PG-13) Filmmaker Ward Serrill followed the girls' basketball team at Roosevelt High School in Seattle for seven years, and the payoff is an absorbing story. The team's coach, Bill Resler, is a college tax professor who becomes the team's coach out of a love for the game and a belief in women's sports. The players' stories and their obstacles and triumphs will move you. Extras include commentary by Serrill and deleted scenes.

· Stranger Than Fiction(PG-13) Will Ferrell plays an IRS agent named Harold Crick, who has a problem. The problem is that there's this British woman's voice in his head narrating his life. She's a novelist (played by Emma Thompson), and she's writing a book about a character called Harold Crick -- and she's planning to kill him off in the last chapter. Thus reality and fiction must collide. Ferrell plays his role with far more restraint than you've seen him use in any other movie.

· Little Einsteins: The Legend of the Golden Pyramid (Unrated) The latest collection from the animated series for kids features a couple of episodes seen often on television ("The Legend of the Golden Pyramid" and "The Dragon Kite") plus a new episode ("Annie and the Little Toy Plane") that features the sights of San Francisco and the art of Keith Haring. There's also a fairly basic bonus game.

· Alexander Revisited: The Final Cut (Unrated) Oliver Stone's epic about Alexander the Great (Colin Farrell) with 45 previously unseen minutes added. The two-disc set includes a new introduction by Stone. Just a heads up, HD DVD and Blu-Ray Disc versions are scheduled to be released later this year, if you prefer a high-definition format.

· P.O.V. 20th Anniversary Collection(Unrated) This nicely presented set collects 15 of the best documentaries from the long-running television series, including seven new to DVD.

· Great Cars Collection(Unrated) A six-DVD box set of the popular PBS series with each show profiling an individual car brand, including Corvette, Mustang, Cobra, GT-40, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Ferrari and Alfa Romeo. Also available as brand-focused single discs, each one has lots of bonus material, including featurettes, archive footage, vintage promotional films, home movies from the likes of Enzo Ferrari and Ferdinand Porsche, and a look at future models and million-dollar concept cars.

Also being released:

· Tideland(R)

· Conversations With God(PG)

· The Return(PG-13)

· Secret Agent AKA Danger Man: The Complete Collection (Unrated)

· The Land Before Time: The Great Day of the Flyers(Unrated)

· Girlfriends: The Complete First Season (Unrated)

· Captain N: The Game Master(Unrated)

· Da Vinci's Inquest Season One(Unrated)

-- Curt Fields SEE THEM NOWDVDs released Feb. 20 include:

· Babel(R)

· Flushed Away(PG)

· For Your Consideration(PG-13)

· The Prestige(PG-13)

· Shut Up and Sing(R)

· American Hardcore(R)

· La Sierra(Unrated)

· Curious George: Zoo Night and Other Animal Stories(Unrated)

· A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints(R)

· Crossover(PG-13)

· Man of the Year(PG-13)