HighlightsTonight, on "Prison Break"(Channel 5 at 8), Michael and Sara try to coax some information out of Warden Pope while Mahone closes in on another escapee. Marshall's aging car nears a milestone on "How I Met Your Mother"(Channel 9 at 8) but ends up going to that big parking lot in the sky before the odometer strikes 200,000.

On "Everybody Hates Chris"(Channel 50 at 8), Malvo bullies Chris into either stealing a necklace or receiving a beatdown.

Details about H.R.G. come into focus on a new episode of "Heroes"(Channel 4 at 9).

The administration continues to lie low on "24"(Channel 5 at 9) as Jack Bauer struggles with another obstacle and the terror threat advances.

"Women on Death Row 2"(WE at 9) offers a sobering look at three women facing the death penalty.

The series premiere of mob drama "The Black Donnellys"(Channel 4 at 10) introduces four Irish brothers fighting for influence in their neighborhood.

This one might confuse Jessica Simpson: "Cowboys of the Sea"(National Geographic at 9) documents the trials and tribulations on three salmon fishing boats.

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal visits "Late Show With David Letterman"(Channel 9, 11:35).

"Tonight Show with Jay Leno"(Channel 4, 11:35) invites actress Courteney Cox and film critic Richard Roeper.

And actor Liev Schreiber and singer Solomon Burke grace "Late Night With Conan O'Brien"(Channel 4, 12:35).

-- Chris Richards