Oscar.com took the "multi" out of "multitasking" on Academy Awards night, giving us late and lame. Meanwhile, television was the better experience because it was at least, um, live.

Before the show, all Oscar.com offered as entertainment was a weak smattering of runway fashion still shots. Heck, even E! offered Glamcam, which had video of red-carpet arrivals and allowed viewers to rate each outfit from "sham" to "glam." That was fun.

Fans also got to give a shoutout to the Oscar goings on at the top of E!'s home page:

"Watching from my living RM! Everyone looks great!" said Amelie AR.

"You go Ellen! Way to represent!" said Leslie from CA.

Oscar.com's only blog was a walkup to Sunday night. E!'s backstage blogger had random, pedestrian thoughts, but at least it was current. Oscar.com's last blog entry was from Saturday.

Oscar.com's big showcase offering was Thank You Cam, in which winners could give the acceptance speech they had wanted to give onstage but weren't allowed time to.

For example, Ari Sandel, who won the Oscar for Best Live Action Short Film for his "West Bank Story," said onstage:

"I know a lot of people in America are probably watching and asking, 'What are the short films?' A lot of them are made by directors who are trying to get noticed, and I think in a lot of ways we represent the little guy."

Backstage, on Thank You Cam, Sandel thanked his agents, his managers, his lawyer, his publicist, his co-writer, his producer, his editor, his DP -- whatever that is -- his choreographer, his costume designer, his professors at USC film school -- by name -- his best friends "and anyone else who I have left out."

And then, he remembered:

"And of course, my girlfriends, I love you so and . . . "

Yes, he was so boring and went on so long, the Thank You Cam cut him off.