Dear Heloise:

I do a lot online, and every site requires a password. I try to simplify the passwords, and many are the same, but I find that one is numbers only, another is alphanumeric.

So, I started a file in my word-processing software program listing all my passwords, sign-on IDs and account numbers -- I save it by encrypting the file.

Now, to check a password, I only have to remember the one to access the file. Everyone could use less stress.

Jerry Clark, via e-mailJust be sure to choose a password that you can remember!

We had a laugh here when one of my assistants said she saved some important information in a file, password-protected it and then couldn't remember the password and couldn't access the file!

Dear Heloise:

This winter, I discovered a quick fix for the static that electrifies my hair when I remove my hat. I simply place a dryer sheet inside the top of the hat.

It sticks to the hat when you take it off and leaves my hair cling-free!

Marilee S., via e-mail

Dear Heloise:

Rather than drape my kitchen towels over the sink faucet or around the refrigerator-door handle, I place them in a ring-type holder that you commonly find in the bathroom.

The stand keeps the cloths neatly folded and allows them to dry thoroughly after use.

Montrese Hamilton

Alexandria Dear Heloise:

Here is a hint for people who use a weed whacker: Put on a pair of baseball or soccer shinguards.

These are not pretty but will help prevent serious injury.

Larry Santangelo

New Brunswick, N.J.Dear Heloise:

I recently bought one of those heavy-duty, dark, nonstick baking pans. It says not to use anything metal or sharp on the inside to avoid scratching.

I made a batch of brownies in it. After cooling completely, I got a plastic (disposable) knife and cut the brownies with it. Worked like a charm, and no scratches!

Jill Russell, Alexandria

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