Happy Feat for 'Happy Feet' · Mumble was probably tapping up a storm Sunday night when his movie, "Happy Feet," won an Academy Award as the best animated feature film of 2006.

Director George Miller, who was nominated in 1996 for writing the script for "Babe" -- but didn't win -- brought a good-luck charm with him this time. He cuddled a tiny stuffed penguin as he was handed his Oscar statue at the awards ceremony in Los Angeles, California.

"Happy Feet" beat "Cars" and "Monster House" in this year's voting.

The film has taken in about $363 million at the box office -- happy news for the people who made it.

Planting Trees,

Saving Butterflies

· Mexican President Felipe Calderon has a plan to help save monarch butterflies.

Calderon said he will increase the patrols in a protected forest in central Mexico where the beautiful butterflies winter each year after migrating thousands of miles from Canada and the United States.

The forest of oyamel firs is also popular with loggers who illegally cut down the trees, reducing habitat for the butterflies.

Calderon also said that 10 million trees will be planted in the butterfly reserve this year.

Experts say that monarch butterflies will become extinct unless the logging is stopped soon.