In last Sunday's food section, the recipe for Strawberry-Almond Rose contained an error. The crushed Amerettie di Saronno cookies should make 1/2 cup, not 2 cups. STRAWBERRY-ALMOND ROSE (8 to 10 servings) cup crushed Ameretti di Saronno cookies (see note below)* Cream sherry, about 3/4 cup 2 cups heavy cream, whipped 1 quart strawberries

Crush the cookies with a rolling pin or in the food processor. Add enough sherry to make a soft paste. Fold the whipped cream into the cookie paste. Refrigerate this tortoni overnight. Save 8 to 10 small, perfectly shaped strawberries. Slice the remaining berries; you should get at least three 1/4-inch-thick slices from each berry. These are the rose petals. At serving time, place a large scoop of tortoni in each chamgagne glass. Place a whole strawberry in the center. Arrange the slices of strawberry around the center to look like rose petals. Or simply serve the tortoni covered with sliced strawberries.

Note: Ameretti di Saronno cookies are available at Italian delicatessens and at gourmet grocers. They are sold in attractive cans, but may also be purchased in small wrapped packets of two cookies each. You will need substitute for these cookies, but any good almond macaroon should do the job.