A COUNTRY church revival consists of several evenings of special services, usually with a guest speaker. Area choirs are invited to participate on different evenings, and old-time hymn singing is a highlight of the service. Opening day there is generally a churchyard picnic, followed by a service and special music.

A "Homecoming Day" is a church reunion day, held annually for members who have moved or grown out of their home church. (Many of the area churches are so old that they are now celebrating their centennials.) In some respects this is also sort of a multi-family reunion for many church members. Former pastors are also invited to attend. The pastors of the Orlean Methodist Church will wear period costumes this year and will arrive at the services by horse-drawn wagon.

Listed below are some churchyard picnics in Fauquier County, Va., either in Marshall or to the west of it, in the vicinity of Rte. 688. The Amissville Methodist Church is on Rte. 211 West. Times listed are for the beginnings of the picnics that follow Sunday services.


Orlean United Methodist Church, 100-year anniversary and Homecoming Day. 12:30 p.m. 703/636-9497.

Marshall Baptist Church, Homecoming Day. Noon. 703/364-1851.


Hume Baptish Church, Homecoming Day. Noon. 703/364-2362.

Marshall United Methodist Church, Homecoming Day. 703/364-2941.

Wesley Chapel United Methodist church. Opening day of revival. Evening picnic begins at 6 p.m. 703/636-9497.

Amissville United Methodist Church, Homecoming Day. Noon.


Orlean Baptist Church, revival Sunday services and Homecoming Day. 12:30 p.m. 703/364-2362.