Individual Tasting Notes

d'Angludet (Margaux) -- deep ruby color; hint of ripe fruit in a somehwat subdued nose; balanced, soft finish; GOOD BUY. (P)

Beychevelle (St. Julien) -- Dark crimson color; dumb nose; medium-bodied with good balance of fruit and tannin; will require several years of cellaring (D)

Branaire-Ducru (St. Julien) -- Ruby color; oaky, fragrant nose with hints of violets; very fruity, forward, finishing clean but without great depth; very enjoyable lighter-styled St. Julien for current drinking (D and P)

Certan de May (Pomerol) -- Dense, purplish color; soft, fragrant nose; fleshy, fat wine packed with fruit; very forward, well structured wine (M)

Clos Fortet (St. Emilton) -- Deep ruby color; subdued nose with hint of sweetness; medium bodied but with rounded, linering finish; this property may (finally) be back to its grant cru form (P)

Duhart-Milon Rothschild (Pauillac) -- Dark garnet color; fragrant cassis nose; rich, full flavors, medium tannins; well structured; worthy cousin of Lafite (P)

Ducru-Beaucaillou (St. Julien) -- Deep, plummy color; soft, fragrant nose; more tannic than other St. Juliens; a well-made wine but in a lighter style than the intense 1978 (D) Gloria (St. Julien) -- Deep, garnet color; cassils bouquet; very forward, luscious fruit; well-knit structure; an attractive wine (D)

Grand Puy Ducasse (Pauillac) -- Ruby color; dumb nose; a rough, tannic wine with a disappointing finish (D)

Gruaud Larose (St. Julien) -- Deep purple color; full, spicy nose; big legs; harmonious balance of ripe fruit and soft tannis; a splendid wine for near-term drinking (D)

Haut Brion (Graves) -- Deep ruby color; intense, spicy nose; elegantly structured, medium-bodied wine with lingering flavors; a classic!(P)

LaLagune (Haut Medoc) -- Dark but cloudy (wine had not yet been bottled); soft, perfumed nose; luscious fruit; well-structured; forwart but ample tannin for cellaring (P)

La Mission Haut Brion (Graves) -- Dark purple color; subdued nose; very big wine; tannic; will require ample cellaring (wine had not yet been bottled); a very good wine which may achieve greatness; (tasted at the chateau)

Leoville Barton (St. Julien) -- Lighter in color than other St. Juliens; forward wine with harmonious but modest finish; a pleasant, lighter style-wine reminiscent of this chateau's 1976 wine (D)

Leoville-Las Cases (St. Julien) -- Dark purple color; soft, elegant nose; rich fleshy flavors which coalesce with medium tannins into smoothy-textured, long finish; a top-flight wine at a moderate price (D)

Lynch-Bages (Pauillac) -- Deep ruby color; big legs; intense varietal nose; a big, tannic wine which should improve with cellaring (D and at the chateau)

Mouton-Rothschild (Pauillac) -- Oaky, assertive nose reminiscent of a Mondavi (Calif.) cabernet sauvignon; minty bouquet; long, rich flavors, elegantly structured; delicious now and should age gracefully; a beautiful wine! (P)

Ormes de Pez (St. Estephe) -- Ruby color; closed-in nose; fruit is marked by tannin; a full-bodied wine that is showing hard at present (D, P and at Chateau Lynch-Bages)

Palmer (Margaux) -- Young, purple color; rich, oaky bouquet, intensely-flavored; soft, silky finish but with moderate tannins to round out this supple wine; a textbook Margaux in a classic, elegant style; Sichel must be very proud! (P)

Petrus (Pomerol) -- Dark ruby color; dumb nose; medium depth of flavors but not a massive wine; light tannins provided balanced to a good, but lighter-styled wine (tasted at Petrus)

Pichon Longueville Baron (Pauillac) -- Dark ruby color; big legs; tannin masking the fruit; balanced, but short finish (D)

Prieure-Lichine (Margaux) -- Ruby color; soft, typical Margaux nose; medium-bodied, but tannic finish at present; a good wine but not comparable to Lichine's excellent 1978 (P and at the chateau)

Talbot (St. Julien) -- Dartk garnet color; big legs; varietal nose; a big, chewy wine; more masculine than its cousin Gruaud LaRose; balanced finish now, but will age well (D)

Trotanoy (Pomerol) -- Deep, purple color; intense flavors; young, raw and tannic; will require cellaring (has not been bottled (M)


(D) -- tasted at Chateau Ducru-BEaucaillou

(M) -- tasted at Moieux cellars, liboume

(P) -- tasted at Chateau Palmer