WWAC printed its first original printmakers' calendar in 1977. "We had 12 artists and printed 100 editions. That first year we had to print 50 more because of the demand. And in some cases the artist had to make another print because the original had been destroyed," said Connie Grace, the other calendar co-chairman. "This year the demand was so great we're running 300. We're almost completely sold out before they're printed. It's the most terrific way to start an original print collection I can think of."

Twenty-four Washington artists contributed original prints to 1982's calendar, and several printmaking methods were used, including lithography, silkscreening, etching, woodcutting, embossing and collography. "Thematically, most of the artists stuck pretty much to their month, but a few just let their imaginations run wild. Last year flowers seemed to be the unofficial theme -- this year it seems to be chairs and windows. I'm not prepared to say what that means," Grace laughed.

A few WWAC 1982 calendars are left at $50 each. Call 332-2121 for details. Local 1734 still has some of its 1982 calendars (the group's 5th) featuring 12 original silkscreen prints, at $20 apiece. Call 797-9264.