Here are five things that make wholesome eating difficult:

* Salt: Cut down on salt now, before your health forces the situation. Dietician Johanna Roth sometimes brushes meat with soy sauce and honey. Soy sauce is high in sodium, but lower than salt, and this light seasoning during cooking keeps her family from reaching for the shaker at the table. If herbs can't replace salt for you, let them displace at least some of it. Blend seasonings with salt to sprinkle on meats and vegetables.

* Fat in cooking: Recipes typically call for much more fat than they need. Moussaka served at a recent party tasted wonderful even though the bechamel sauce had half the "required" fat (a savings of 600 calories).

* Fats and sugar where you don't expect them: As in trail mix, says Roth, and related foods such as granola and granola bars which are all highly sweetened and liable to have saturated fat. And check the labels of snack crackers. Many times they have a high percentage of fat (often the saturated palm and coconut oils).

* Processed cheese: Roth points out, "Processed cheese has twice the salt of natural cheese and I defy anyone to give a good reason why you need processed cheese rather than natural cheese."

* Juice drinks: The key word here, says Roth, is "drink," and sometimes it takes some real scrutiny to tell a juice from a drink. Some frozen "concentrates" are little more than blends of sweeteners and flavors, she says, and the canned drinks may have only 10 percent real juice. Best to check labels for dextrose, corn syrup or other added sweeteners.