There is a veritable cornucopia of preserving books and pamphlets on the market today with tips, charts, techniques and recipes--enough to make the beginner run out of steam before ever getting started. Not all, however, are safe to use, says Fairfax County extension agent Anne Prince. The following are recommended by USDA, Cooperative Extension Service agents, Ball and Kerr (manufacturers of canning jars) and Pat Worthington, cooking instructor and special guest speaker at the preservation workshop:

* USDA recommended, available from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402.

"Making Pickles and Relishes At Home," No. G 92; $4.50.

"Home Canning of Fruits and Vegetables," No. G 8; $2.50.

"Home Freezing of Fruits and Vegetables," No. G 10; $3.50.

"Freezing Combination Main Dishes," No. G 40; $2.25.

"Storing Vegetables and Fruits in Basements, Cellars, Outbuildings and Pits," No. G 119; $2.25.

* Available through Cooperative Extension Service offices:

Fact Sheets on Fruits and Vegetables, some with recipes, free from District of Columbia Cooperative Extension offices.

"Preserving Foods," free from Virginia Cooperative Extension offices.

Fact Sheets on Canning, Freezing, Jelly Making and Preserving developed by University of Maryland, free from Maryland Cooperative Extension offices.

* Available through Consumer Information Center: (Free. Write: Consumer Information Center, Pueblo, Colo., 81009. Be sure to include item number on request.)

"Home Food Preservation," Item No. 534K.

"Safe Handling Tips for Meet and Poultry," (advice on storage) Item No. 620K.

* Recommended by Cornell University Cooperative Extension: (Write 7-8 Research Park, Ithaca, N.Y. 14850.)

"The True Cost of Home Food Preservation," IB 158; 75 cents.

"Home Storage of Fruits and Vegetables," NRAES 7; $1.25.

"Home Drying of Foods," IB 120; 40 cents.

"Handbook for Freezing Food," E 1179; 50 cents.

"Home Canning of Fruits and Vegetables," NE 23; 45 cents.

* Recommended by Ball and Kerr: (Limited supplies can be found in some grocery stores or other suppliers of food preservation equipment, or write directly to the companies for copies.)

"The Ball Blue Book: The Guide to Home Canning and Freezing." Send $2 to Ball Corp., Muncie, Ind. 47302.

"Kerr Home Canning and Freezing Book." Send $1, Kerr Glass Manufacturing Corp., P.O. Box 97, Sand Springs, Okla. 74063.

* Recommended by Pat Worthington

"Dry and Save," by Dora Flack (Bookcraft Inc., $3.95).

"Dehydration Made Simple," by Mary Bell (Magic, $11.95).

"How to Dry Foods," by Deanna DeLong (HP Books, $5.95)