Basil: A flavor reminiscent of cloves, with overtones of mint and anise; can be used fresh or dried. Bay Leaf: Aromatic, slightly bitter. Ordinarily one or two are used per pot of chili. Generally available dried, but can also be found fresh. Cayenne Pepper: Ground pods of dried red chili pepper. Hot and pungent. Cilantro: Sometimes called Chinese parsley or coriander leaves. Will keep about one week fresh (if stored in refrigerator in covered jar or plastic bag with roots wrapped in damp paper towel.) Available dried and fresh, it's used in Mexico as parsley is used here. Coriander Seeds: Round, pale, ridged seed, slightly smaller than a peppercorn. Sweet taste similar to an orange. Available in dried form. One of the spices used in Indian curry powder, it is also used in Mexican cooking. Cumin: Yellow-brown seed of a plant of the parsley family. Highly aromatic and similar in appearance to caraway seed, but the flavor is stronger and less refined. Pungent and somewhat bitter. Its inclusion is one of the major flavors in store-bought chili powder. Available in dried form. Garlic: Fresh or powdered. A pungent flavor and smell. Used sparingly by local chili contest winners. The most commonly available ingredient. A must for any chili-head. Oregano: Typically thought of as a pizza herb, oregano is used judiciously but consistently in Mexican cooking. Paprika: A powder made from a type of pepper native to South America. Taste varies from sweet to hot. Adds flavor and color.