All right. It's spring cleaning time.

Around this slum of an office, we keep a folder. In the folder, we keep the names of groups that have contributed to our annual fund-raising drive on behalf of Children's Hospital. The folder's beginning to groan from overweight. Let's help it reduce, thusly:

* The consumer affairs office at the Small Business Administration gave $25, as did the Lions Club of Greenbelt, the Slickee Boys New Wave rock band of Annandale and Jeanne Hansen's sixth grade class at Mantua Elementary School in Fairfax.

* Miranda Associates Inc. of Bethesda gave the kids $225 "as a Christmas present to our president, Lourdes Miranda." With similar holiday spirit, the employes of Hackney's Glass, Inc., of Rockville gave $20 instead of exchanging Christmas cards.

* The Harr Bible Class of North College Park United Methodist Church donated $112, and the Marlow Heights law firm of Fisher & Walcek passed along $220. Meanwhile, employes of RGS Inc. in Rockville gave $5, the gang in the Office of General Counsel at the Environmental Protection Agency gave $34 and Squad 16 at the Oxon Hill Precinct of the Prince George's County Police gave $55.

* The members of the English Studies Division at Prince George's Community College proved that they can handle numbers as well as words. Their gift totaled $280. Employes of the Fairfax Post Office put together a $128 gift, and C&P Telephone's Network Groups in Bethesda contributed $450.

More and merrier: donations from Konstantinoff Dental Ceramics of Vienna ($100), the Eastland Gardens park maintenance crew ($20), Mrs. Leeper's sixth grade class at Keene Mill School ($24.70), the staff of The Hermitage in Alexandria ($38), the "Lunch Bunch" at Annandale High School ($20) and the Benjamin Franklin Lodge Charity Fund ($75).

There were these donations from federal employes of various stripes: $667 from the staff of the Division of Materiel Management, Administrative Services Center, U.S. Public Health Service, $175 from the employes of the U.S. Army Coastal Engineering Research Center at Fort Belvoir, $150 from the staff of the Congressional Record Index Office, $362.25 from the employes of the U.S. International Trade Commission, $236 from employes of the Defense Printing Service, the easy-to-remember sum of $111.11 from the Navy's First Class Petty Officer's Association, $350 from the Networks Operations Control Branch at Goddard Space Flight Center, $10.51 (the remains of the stamp fund) from the departing Washington staff of former Rep. (and nominee for Health and Human Services Secretary) Margaret M. Heckler (R-Mass.), $60 in leftover Christmas party funds from the Office of International Conferences, Bureau of International Organization Affairs, Department of State, $226 from the Veterans Benefits Office at Veterans Administration headquarters and a whopping $2,695 from the employes of the House Appropriations Committee.

What would we do without you, Fed-sies? How about if we never find out?

From the world of scholarship come these contributions: $162 from medical assistants who graduated on Dec. 21 from National Business School, $75 from the Bethesda Maintenance Depot of the Montgomery County Public Schools, $73 from students at Vienna's Stenwood Elementary School, a nice, round $100 from the students at Chapel Square Elementary School in Annandale and $305 from the second annual Carol-A-Thon, held Dec. 17 at Moten Middle School in Southeast. Good work, one and all.

Speaking of caroling, a group called The Travelers did its thing in Herndon and Reston on the evening of Dec. 24, and collected $60 for the kids. A few days earlier, a group of semiprofessional musicians collected $729.25 for the hospital by singing seasonal melodies at two office parties, two private parties and the Christmas celebration of a military organization. Thanks to Tom Hier of Northwest and his nine cohorts.

Today's donations of less than $100 include $51 from the employes of the three women's shoes departments at the Tyson's Corner Bloomingdale's, $10 from Banner Glass Inc. of Virginia, $57.05 from the employes of the Cruise Missiles Branch of Vitro Laboratories in Silver Spring, $76.35 from the computer center at the National Institutes of Health and $55 from the Vienna, Va., Police Department. We're much obliged to all of you.

Finally, I'm delighted to relieve the folder of a handful of biggies, to wit:

* $105 from Banner Glass Inc. of Rockville.

* $408 from employes in the Photographic Applications, Reprographics Planning and Control and Print Imaging departments at Vitro Laboratories.

* $610 from the employes of James G. Davis Construction Corporation of Rockville.

* $525 from Washington, D.C., Chapter 60 of Parents Without Partners Inc. garnered at a benefit dance in December.

* $500 from the employes of White Scientific Consultants Inc. of Arlington.

* $729 from the employes of Cort Furniture Rental of Landover.

* $114 from the United Insurance Company of America, Rock Creek District.

* $211 from the Science and Technology Division of the Institute for Defense Analyses. It's the 11th consecutive year this group has contributed.

* $180 from the employes of the American Podiatry Association. Talk about putting your best foot forward!

* $150 from Deepwood Veterinary Centre Ltd. of Clifton.

* $200 from employes of Springfield's Ensco Inc., which they donated in lieu of exchanging Christmas presents.

* $310 from Answering Inc. of Northwest, the 11th annual gift from the management and staff of that always-wakeful organization.

* And last but hardly least, $585 from Ronalie C. Peterson, an editor here at The Post who coordinates the Annual Style & Composing Room Cookie Orgy. This year's caloriethon was the 10th, and the gift was the largest yet. Oh yes, the composing room out-gave the Stylists $318 to $207. The remaining $60 came from neighbors of Ronnie's.