IN ADDITION to a well-padded armchair and the traditional six-pack, watching the Super Bowl today calls for a Super Sandwich -- a hero I being the obvious choice. But don't tell that to Joe Theismann.

"My Super Bowl sandwich would be bologna, mustard, sliced bananas on soft fresh white bread with a large glass of cold milk," the Washington Redskins quarterback said recently. "I just love it!"

"I've always liked bananas and bologna," Theismann said. "One day I was eating bologna, then I ate a banana and I put them together and it was pretty good. I call it bologna with a twist. I usually eat it late at night before I go to bed."

Clearly, today's two-hour pre-game festivities demand a departure from the typical Sunday afternoon football fare. And while Theismann's creation may not be the stuff of legends, it is appropriate on this day of days to look to God's Team for inspiration.

"I call mine the Joe Washington Sandwich," said the Redskins' all-purpose running back of the same name. "You can put everything imaginable on it but I like to stick with salami, longhorn cheese, alfalfa sprouts on whole wheat or pita bread with just a smidgen of mayonnaise and a large glass of orange juice. It's great!"

Washington's sandwich wasn't a family recipe that was passed on from generation to generation. He just stumbled onto it.

"I came up with the Joe Washington Sandwich by not being able to decide what to put on it," he said. "It was just a chance combination of things. If it is a boring Super Bowl you can spend more time on creating a sandwich."

Defensive tackle Dave Butz prefers "just a plain tuna fish sandwich with a little relish or mayonnaise and some light beer. It makes a hell of a good sandwich," the 6-foot-7, 295-pound lineman said. "Usually I just eat tuna fish right out of the can with crackers and Wisconsin sharp cheese but sometimes I'll put it on a sandwich with some Miller Lite beer on the side . I'll go thirsty if it's not Miller Lite." Butz munches on tuna fish at least once a day in the off season, he said.

Safety Mark Murphy likes "roast beef with melted swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise on rye bread. The melted cheese makes it hot and real good. During the off season I'll eat it maybe twice a week." But he is also partial to reubens, especially those made by his wife, Laurie.

When it's his turn to cook, though, Murphy spurns the sandwich. "When Laurie is tired I will usually make spaghetti for us," he said. "It is a pretty easy thing to do and I like to put a lot of things in the sauce."