Nine microbreweries in the United States and one in Canada are in operation. Anchor Steam Brewing Co., included here, has actually grown out of the micro class and should be considered a small brewery:

Anchor Steam Brewing Co., 1705 Mariposa, San Francisco, Calif. 94107--beer, porter, ale, stout.

Boulder Brewing Co., 1555 North 83rd St., Longmont, Colo. 80501--extra pale ale, English ale, porter, stout.

Horseshoe Brewery and Troller Pub, 6422 Bay 22nd St., West Vancouver, B.C. V7W2B2--Bay Ale.

Independent Ale Brewery Inc., 4620 Leary Way NW, Seattle, Wash. 98107--Red Hook Ale.

The Old New York Beer Co., 809 Washington St., New York, N.Y. 10014--New Amsterdam Amber Lager.

The Real Ale Co., 320 North Main, Box 295, Chelsea, Mich. 48118--porter, stout.

River City Brewing Co., 3508 LaGrande Blvd., Sacramento, Calif. 95823--River City Gold and River City Dark.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., 2539 Gilman Way, Chico, Calif.--pale ale, porter, stout.

Thousand Oaks Brewing Co., 444 Vasser Ave., Berkeley, Calif. 94708--lager.

William S. Newman Brewery Co., 32 Learned St., Albany, N.Y. 12207--pale ale, winter warmer.

Yakima Brewing and Malting Co., 25 North Front St., Yakima, Wash. 98901--Grant's Scottish Ale.