We've all been there, and on the recent Redskins-Cowboys Sunday afternoon, it was Uriel Perlman's turn. Did Uriel have the right of way, or did the cab driver? Neither slowed, neither flinched, so neither avoided the other. Smack! And there they sat on Rock Creek Parkway, their cars dented and their spirits the same, waiting for a cop.

And waiting.

And waiting.

But not idly. After a few minutes, Uriel and the cabbie began flagging down every cab that passed. They figured one of them had to have a radio with which to summon a U.S. Park policeman.

But no. More than a dozen cabs were radioless. And several more said they couldn't or wouldn't use their radios to call the police, even though one of the drivers involved in the accident was a brother hacker.

Finally, a Park policeman did arrive. But by the time the accident was cleaned up, the Redskins were two touchdowns ahead and the air had pretty well gone out of Uriel's Sunday.

The cabbies without radios have a pretty good excuse. What about the cabbies with them? Thanks a million, you guys. Hope you're never stuck anywhere in need of help.