A word to the wise about taxes:

If you contribute to our annual fund-raising campaign on behalf of Children's, every cent you give is tax deductible. And if you're like most readers of these pearls of wisdom, you want to take those deductions as soon as you can.

The moment of decision is only 19 days away. That's when 1984 ends, of course, so that's also the last day you can make a gift that you can later deduct on your 1984 income tax return.

If you don't get around to contributing until 1985, that's not illegal, immoral or fattening. It'll just mean that Children's gets its money more slowly, and you get your tax deduction much more slowly. So won't you please write that check today?


These group donors have kicked off our 1984-85 campaign in prompt, fine style:

The Carriage Hill Leisure Club ($25).

Employes of Infodata Systems, Inc. ($4.40).

The Three Fours Club ($100).

"A group of girls" who started a social circle more than 65 years ago at Douglas Memorial Methodist Church in Northeast ($50).

The staff of the National School Boards Association ($100).

Davis Maintenance of Southeast ($10).

The Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post No. 9619 of Morningside ($100).

The duplicate bridge group from Fort Myer Recreation Center ($18).

Cohen's frame store of Northwest ($100).

The telephone sales, customer service and government sales departments at District Wholesale Drug Company of Landover ($210).

St. John Baptist de la Salle Rectory of Chillum ($50).

Employes of the magazine and book division of ARA Services ($500).

Gamma Pho chapter of Beta Sigma Phi ($10).

The Women's Social Club of Deale, Md. ($25).

Call Key Messengers of Wheaton ($100).

The staff of Personnel, Inc. ($100).

Little River Veterinary Clinic of Fairfax ($25).

The Woods Academy of Bethesda ($10).

Employes of the National Association of Securities Dealers ($80).

Many thanks, one and all.