The latest members of our fund-raising Honor Roll:

The DOD Product Engineering Services Office at Cameron Station ($100).

Employes of the Center for Devices and Radiological Health, Public Health Service ($738).

The staff of Answering, Inc. (for the 13th consecutive year -- $96 this time).

Cost Analysis Division, Naval Air Systems Command ($50).

The Sperry staff at Patuxent River Operations in Lexington Park, Md. ($210).

Students at Virginia Christian Academy ($25).

Parent Patent Research Inc. ($100).

Cruise Missiles Branch, Vitro Corporation, Silver Spring ($271).

The Activity Council at The Fountain Club Apartments in New Carrollton ($55).

Employes of the Department of Medicine and Surgery, Office of the Medical Inspector and Evaluation (10A6A), Veterans Administration ($202).

A. C. & R. Insulation Co., Inc. of Beltsville ($250).

Patrons of Park Mart convenience store in College Park ($100, and thanks, John Park).

The Jeremy Fish Fan Club ($140).

The Consumer Affairs Office at the Small Business Administration ($25).

Democracy Travel, Inc. ($35).

Employes of The Conservation Foundation ($110).

Giant Food Store No. 95 in Calverton ($450).

The office staff at U.S. Electric Supply Co. of Gaithersburg ($100 in honor of owner Ronald Delovitch).

Jeanne Hansen's sixth grade class at Mantua Elementary School in Fairfax ($285).

The Division of Information Management, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission ($70).

And Communitas, a Catholic social action group ($250).

Heartwarming! Thanks very, very much.