The Menu

Fried Chicken Legs

Hamburger meat (preshaped and seasoned)

Hot dogs


Lettuce, tomatoes, onions, all sliced

Potato salad

Cole Slaw


Carrot and chocolate cakes Other Food Items



Beer, soda and juice


Pepper Non-Food items

Plastic forks, knives and spoons

Paper plates and napkins

Ice chest and ice

Large thermos for dispensing juice and water for the children

Serrated knife for easy cutting of kids' food

First Aid kit

Bug spray and lotion



Lighter fluid

Spatula and fork for the grill

Pot holders or kitchen gloves


Plastic bags for trash removal

Extra lawn chairs

Balls, games, etc. for children Do ahead

Any time: Pack all of the nonfood items except the thermos and put it away in a corner.

One Day: Prepare the meat for the burgers. Prepare the baked beans. Prepare the potato and slaw. Chill the drinks. Bake or buy the cakes and slice.

Day of picnic: Fry the chicken (which tastes best if it has not been refrigerated). Slice the tomatoes. Tear up the lettuce. Slices the onions and pickles. Contents of picnic boxes for kids

Special cakes and cupcakes

Individual juices

Balloons and other favors Rentable amusements


Helium tanks for balloons


Horses and ponies

Magicians Thumbs Up

Wash-and-wipe packets

Chicken legs

Carob candies Thumbs Down

Wet washcloths in plastic bags

Chicken breasts (hard to eat with hands)

Chocolate bars (which melt, sometimes in your hands)

Ice cream or Popsicles (messy)