The Menu

Whole Poached Salmon

Roast Loin of Veal

Cold Crab Meat and Shrimp Salads

Curried Cold Cucumber Soup

Spinach Rotini Salad

Assorted Vegetables a la Grecque

Hard Cheeses and Crackers

Selection of Corn and Whole Grain Breads and rolls

Bowl of fresh raspberries and blackberries with Creme' Fra iche'

Rich, Moist, Dense Chocolate Cake

California Sparkling Blanc de Blanc and Iced Jasmine Tea Other Food items


Pepper Non-Food items

Collapsable table

Table linens

Linen napkins

Hampers for china, crystal and silver

Ice buckets

Crystal bowl, china serving platters, carving boards

Fly protection screens

Carving knifes and forks

Large thermos for coffee

Sufficient trash bags for the trash and to use for wrapping used platters and linens

Anti-bug spray for the area and lotion for guests Do Ahead

Any time: Prepare, wash, press and ready all nonfood items.

Three days: Purchase salmon and loin of veal, shrimp or crabmeat, cheese, crackers and breads and rolls. Bake chocolate cake.

Two days: Purchase and prepare vegetables a la grecque. Prepare pasta salad.

One day: Poach salmon. Roast Veal. Prepare crab meat and shrimp salads. Prepare cucumber soup. Pick over berries. Cut cheese into convenient-sized wedges and wrap securely in plastic film.

Day of picnic: Pack and go.