With Passover less than two weeks away, it's not too early to think about making matzoh or retrieving the family's favorite dessert recipe. But why not let someone else do the cooking? At least two local food establishments are offering kosher-style (if not kosher-approved) options for Passover.Sutton Place Gourmet is featuring hand-made matzoh (plain, onion and poppy seed) for $3.99 per 1 1/4-pound sheet, in addition to seder plate ingredients, homemade gefilte fish, chicken soup with knedelah, beef brisket and tsimmes. And from Chanterelle caterers come such delectable (and flourless) sweets as chocolate fancy cake ($40), almond pecan torte ($20), chocolate souffle' roll with mocha cream ($30) and cheesecake, macaroons, banana-nut cake and lemon-almond torte. Welcome to the Fast Lane, Kids

Parents have microwaves and fancy frozen entrees to make their lives simpler, so why shouldn't babies enjoy the fruits of a modern life style? The H.J. Heinz company is currently touting a 23-item line of "drum dried, flaked baby food" in resealable foil-lined canisters. So packaged, a Heinz press release informs us, the instant baby food ("just add water") allows for better portion control and no waste. Where There's Smoke, There's Mesquite

Liquid smoke has some trendy competition with the recent arrival of Menu Magic's line of nine mesquite flavor enhancers, among them a brush-on, which customers use in 1:9 ratio along with their favorite barbecue sauce. According to Dr. Hormoz Broumand, president of North American Laboratories, which created the products, the variety is the result of consumers' "very regional and very personal" barbecue preferences. A sample of the firm's offerings (including a gallon of instant pit barbecue sauce with mesquite flavor, a 14-ounce jar of hickory-mesquite barbecue sauce and assorted 4-ounce foil bags of mesquite broiled flavor, mesquite-flavored barbecue rub-marinade and asado chicken mesquite rub) can be purchased for $15 from North American Laboratories, 1717 West 10th St., Indianapolis, Ind. 46222.